We are a local provider of Home finishes solutions

PT Home Finishes specialize in Home Finishes giving our customers an excellent feel , an at home atmosphere, Our well train staff focuses on delivering excellent product

Our main Focus is Interior Finishes & design, this includes Cut & edge, Kitchens & Counter tops, 3D design, Cabinets ,Railing / Balustrades and more

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Kitchen Cabinets

Cut & Edge Banding

Cut & Edge Banding

Bathrooms Design

Customized Office Furniture

Our Machines

Computer Numerical Control

Computer Numerical Control - processes a piece of material (metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, or composite) to meet specifications by following a coded programmed instruction and without a manual operator.

Advantages of CNC

  • Reduced Waste Work
  • Larger Cutting Field
  • Flawless Repeatability
  • Easier Operation
  • Less Dangerous to Workers
  • Increased Production Capacity

Edge banding

Edge banding or edging is widely used for home decoration. This interior product is typically used to cover and seal the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, giving them a far superior appearance.

Features of edge banding

  • Easy installation
  • Scratch resistance
  • Durability
  • Easy to cut, edge banding can be shaped to fit the project

PVC Vacuum Machine

Used to cover PVC on the surface of the craft compound door, furniture, cabinet and sound box and to cover veneer and thermal transfer membrane on single side of the door panel and furniture with the silicon membrane

Take advantage of being able to utilize a smooth, seamless finish, with fresh new styles and elegant craftsmanship. Better yet, the cost savings benefits from using Laminates on high volume projects could help you to land your project. We have both vertical grade for doors and drawers as well as our durable

Panel Saw

Used to easily cut panels, profiles, solid-wood, plywood, MDF, laminates, plastic sheets and melamine sheets into sizes or cabinet components. also used to cut sheets of aluminum

Vertical panel saws are an ideal solution for companies that require fast, accurate and efficient panel sizing. They are easy to use and fast to set up. There are excellent safety features meaning that operators can be trained faster.

Increase production efficiencies and guarantee a consistently accurate output.

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