Balustrades Stairways Designs

World-Class Balustrades and Stairways Designs for Your Home

The presence of balustrades and stairways look nothing less than stunning masterpieces in your living space. Agree? We too; and that is why we have specialized in making impeccable balustrades and stairways designs. Our designs are marked by three important aspects of constructional classics – functionality, esoteric beauty, and pocket-friendly prices.

PT Home Finishes is one of the most sought-after contractors for balustrades and stairways designs in South Africa. Our exemplary designs and works in this field are highly respected and regarded in the industry here. We also use the best of known materials so that the balustrade and staircases are robust and strong, are corrosion-free, and have a long lifespan so that it proves to be a one-time investment for homeowners.

Looking for value for money designs and solutions for balustrade and staircases? Contact our specialized team at PT Home Finishes. Why us?
  • Our qualified team of designers and professionals is the best in the industry.
  • We have our state-of-the-art workshops and manufacturing units that provide the perfect ground for quality work.
  • The team is led by some of the most competent experts from the industry.
  • We make use of the finest technology to offer customized and DIY solutions to our clients.
Balustrades Stairways Designs