Top 10 Kitchen Design Ideas in Midrand, South Africa

From cool colors to clever cabinetry arts, the latest kitchen styles are all in rage this year. With new and cool kitchen designs and solutions emerging each year and many new designs replacing the old ones on display in leading kitchen showrooms across the country, there are plenty of trendy looks and high-quality items to choose from this year, especially if you are planning to remodel the kitchen -

Kitchen Designs to go for in 2021

  • Marble is an Ever-Favorite: It's a time of using creative marble into your kitchen decor, as the same is considered the best and an epitome of luxury and style. If there is one thing that strikes kitchen decor charts in 2021, it is the marble decor ideas' return.

  • The Wood Is In! - Another revival trend and kitchen favorite, the wood-style decor, is now enjoying a revival. Use subtle or warm tones on your existing decor to add a unique appeal to your kitchen.

  • Black for an Added Drama: Black is often overlooked shade and used to highlight the walls, cabinets, and workplaces rather than something mainstream for kitchen decor. This helps to add rustic beauty to the existing decor and suits every budget. Also, kitchen maintenance is affordable once you incorporate such elements.

  • Color Pops: Kitchens are full of possibilities this year, from utensils and floors to cabinets - all can have stylish and functional shades to boost your kitchen decor with their eccentric style.

  • Dual Islands: With the advent of large-sized kitchens or open spaces, the dual kitchen island idea has become an integral part of the 2021 decor plan. Dual island units have become a new addition in luxury, especially when space is not a problem.

  • Multipurpose Design: The latest designs are about multiple functions along with a free-flow design. If you prefer not to have open cabinets, use recessed handles to give a nice look when paired with the best accessories.

  • Larder is Back: Pantry cabinets have been a staple of kitchens for centuries, but for the past few years, the larder is the new must-have item in modern homes as storage is a big part of the kitchen space. For those with small kitchens, the need for smart storage is essential to making the best use of the spaces that you currently have.

  • Walnut Cabinets: 2021 recently saw an increase in demand for walnut wood cabinets. The rich, dark color, refined grains, and natural appeal are appreciated by the users for their sense of high-end luxury.

  • Gold IS IN: Now that kitchen taps are available with a wide selection of colors and finishes. Gold sinks are in. It is seen that the style has made an impact in decor, furniture, and appliance colors. Thus, the same helps to boost the overall look of the kitchen areas.

  • Curved Kitchen Design: Well-designed curved kitchens and visual spaces are carefully crafted with artistic expression, ornaments, etc. They achieve an extension of the living room or bring a look that adds personality and dignified space.

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